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Welcome to this page. Trust in whatever brought you here. Synchronicity and coincidence are the work of the Spirit. 

I live near the Pacific Ocean in San Diego and I go to the beach often, to feel the sand under my feet, to wade in the water, to walk in the wind and to feel the sun. It all feeds my soul and it whispers of the More. 

I have tasted the power of presence and its healing qualities. The red thread in my life is that I have held space for people as long as I remember, as a listening friend, as a silent retreat director and Jesuit priest, as a psychotherapist, as a global executive coach and more recently as a Reiki practitioner and shamanic energy healer.

Over the years I have discovered that many of us get caught up in the stream of life: careers, family, ambition, fun, hobbies, drama, consumerism and so on. For a number of people, some of these things become distractions  and take us away from our soul, our essence, our dreams. It makes us unwell and expresses itself in physical illness, or gives us the sense that something is missing in our life, that we are incomplete, or we have the sense that we repeat the same unhealthy patterns over and over again. 

There is a way out, a way to reconnect with our soul, our essence, to fully live the connection with ourselves, with others and with our environment. We can rewrite the story of our life and dream our world into being. Healing energy sessions are a way to start this process.


I have been initiated in the healing traditions of the Q'ero, native Indians from the Andes in Peru, who are keepers of the wisdom tradition. As a shamanic energy healer I offer healing sessions in my home office in Ocean Beach, at your location, or remotely by telephone or Skype. 

Healing energy sessions are less about talking and more about shifting energy followed by a conversation about how to sustain this energetic shift and support it. 

"René's sessions have been instrumental as I move along my life journey. René is a very knowledgeable and gifted healer and spiritual advisor." ~JA

"René once asked me: 'What is the invitation from the future for you?' I believe this sums up what it is like to work with him..." ~LG

"I am feeling so much lighter... More free and more like my authentic self. The best way to describe it is that I feel like I can breathe." ~LS

"... I really do believe that your healing worked. It helped me move in the right direction and believe in myself. I am back to the old me and feeling comfortable as I am." ~CB

"After the session I felt lighter, more balanced, and at peace. I recommend René to anyone who feels there may be an imbalance in their life." ~EM