Each of us has an energy field surrounding us, it is known as the Luminous Energy Field. It is a sea of energy, as important to us as the air that we breathe. Vital reserves of the energy field can be depleted through illness, stress, trauma, emotional wounds or negative forces in our environment, resulting in imprints in our energy field. Energy healers can clean the imprints in our energy field by recalibrating it through working with the chakras which are the organs of the Luminous Energy Field. This process, called Illumination, brings us back to balance with all of life. 



Sometimes it becomes clear during the Illumination process that the imprints in our energy field have crystallized and an Illumination is not enough to restore the energy field. There may be some other energetic impediments to a clear Luminous Energy Field. One is the presence of a fluid energy that does not belong in our field but somehow feeds off that field. These crystallized or fluid energies can be extracted. Along the same vein, our energy body may be heavy because of an unhealthy energetic connection with another person. An energetic cord exists between your energy body and some else's and that cord can be cut energetically. 

Soul Retrieval

The soul - or our essence - contains all the memories and information from every incarnation we have had. It also contains the potential for who we can become. Our soul is on a journey to its fullest potential. During this journey it is not uncommon for the soul to fragment, particularly because of trauma, and for some fragments to get left behind. With the help of a shamanic energy healer aspects of the soul can be retrieved and reintegrated, so that life can be lived tot he fullest. Soul retrieval is a deeply personal experience and unique to each person. 

Dying Consciously

Shamanic wisdom tells us that after death the physical body goes back to the earth, our knowledge returns to the mountains and our essence or our soul returns to the stars. The shaman assists in this journey home through several stages: the great life review, seven chakra cleansing, forgiveness and granting permission to die and the great death spiral. These rituals allow us to die consciously. 

Fire Ceremony

Fire allows for rapid transformation. It provides the way to let go of the old story, to transform, to renew and be reborn. Through fire ceremony, we honor our lessons and old belief structures by placing them in the fire and turning them over to Spirit. By releasing these old patterns and beliefs into the fire, we heal deeply at the level of the soul. 

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